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President's Message

Spring is upon us with all the warmth and joy of a new season. There are so many exciting projects in the works at the Wound, Ostomy, Continence Nursing Certification Board. First I would like to say we have more than 8,800 certificants. What an amazing and dynamic group we have of specialty nurses across the spectrum of education and practice, in multiple arenas including outpatient, acute care and home care.

Strategic planning is on the horizon! The Board of Directors will be participating in strategic planning in order to evaluate the mission, progress, and the direction of the Certification Board. The sessions have prompted some incredibly innovative products. An example of this would be flashcards; flashcards are the brain child of strategic planning that was done 6 years ago and has become the mainstay for many people preparing for their exam.

The most exciting news is that we will be launching our first mobile apps for flashcards beginning with wound and ostomy care. Imagine the ease and simplicity of accessing information from your smart phone or tablet to help you prepare for your certification exam, so you can study like a ninja. This is a revolutionary step for the board and an example of another idea that was generated from doing strategic planning. 

We are looking forward to seeing everyone in Nashville at the WOCN® conference and sharing these wonderful new products.

Don’t forget to come by booth number 507 and say Hello. I look forward to seeing you!

Jill Trelease, DNP(c), FNP-BC, CWON, CFCN
WOCNCB® President

  What's New

Congratulations to these WOCNCB® Certified for hitting the 30-Year Continuous Certification Mark in 2019!

They join the ranks of individuals who hit the mark previously.  To view the list of previously WOCNCB® 30-year continuous certifications since 2013 click here.

Public Policy Committee

The WOCNCB® Public Policy Committee has been busy developing a plan to keep our certified nurses up to date on legislation and regulations that may impact their work, facilities, and patients.  Members of the Committee are monitoring a number of websites for important issues and hot topics including:

  • CMS
  • Medicaid
  • ANA
  • Solutions for Patient Safety
  • Children’s Hospitals Association
  • The National Quality Forum

A complete list is available here.  The Public Policy Committee is compiling the most important news on legislation and regulations from these sites and will soon start sharing that information with you.  We have a new place on our website to sign up to receive these policy updates.  We anticipate sending an email every two to three months with occasional action alerts at other times on topics that require urgent action. Sign-up to receive email updates from the Public Policy Committee.

WOCNCB® has joined the Access & Care Coalition!  The Access & Care Coalition works to ensure consumer access to medical supplies under Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance.  The coalition includes clinician, physician, consumer, and disability advocates as well as suppliers and manufacturers of medical products for ostomy and continence consumers.  Access their website here:

Legislation:  The United Ostomy Associations of America (UOAA) is following two important pieces of legislation.  The first is the Removing Barriers to Colorectal Cancer Screening Act.  Currently, a colonoscopy is fully covered by Medicare as a preventative screening, but if polyps are found and removed during the procedure, the patient incurs unexpected costs.  You and your patients can learn more and take action here.  The second piece of legislation is the Disability Integration Act (SB 117/HR 555) which would require coverage of community based health care service for people with disabilities instead of forcing patients into long term care facilities.  You can learn more on

UOAA Annual Conference:  UOAA is also promoting its annual conference which will be held August 6-10, 2019, in Philadelphia.  Encourage your ostomates in your community to attend, so they can participate in free stoma clinics, attend educational sessions, and visit the exhibit hall to learn about the latest in ostomy care products and supplies.  Learn more at:

Free CE opportunity:  CMS and the CDC are offering a free online training on infection prevention for nursing home staff.  CE credits can be earned for doing the training.

Finally, the Public Policy Committee will be heading to Washington D.C. in early June to strategize on key policy issues and visit Members of Congress to discuss issues impacting WOCNCB® certified nurses.

Congratulations to our 2019 video contest winners!

Theme: Share a message with the next generation of WOCNCB® Certified Nurses

First Place - Sandy Quigley, RN, CWOCN®

Second Place -  Melissa Hall, RN, CWOCN®

View the winning video Skin is In submitted by Sandy Quigley, RN, CWOCN® and the second place This Could Have Been Prevented by Melissa Hall, RN, CWOCN® as well as other entries here.

  Did you Know?

Having WTA-C® Can Help Save Your Day!

E. Lynette Gunn APRN, GCNS-BC, CWCN®, CFCN®

You are walking down the hall performing skin rounds in your crisply ironed uniform, white coat and hair all in place.  You are greeted by all who see you, the physicians, the nurses and of course leadership.  When you ask for assistance and collaboration from the nursing staff they drop EVERYTHING and come to assist you.  As you assess the patients on your list their Braden is correct, the prevention bundle has been initiated, and any needed dressing is clean, dry and intact. 

Then………… wake up and realize its all just a DREAM!  You work in the real world where everyone has competing priorities, you are answering your overhead pages, your texts for emergency skin assessments and other wound issues. You need HELP - competent assistance to keep those HAPI rates down and perform the myriad of wound care needed. 

That is where Wound Treatment Associate-Certified nurses (WTA-C®) can help.  The WTA-C® was designed to enhance the wound care team. A RN or LPN/LVN with a WTA-C®) credential can provide care for patients with acute and chronic wounds under the direct supervision of a CWCN®, CWCN-AP® or physician!  Their knowledge has provided tremendous improvement in our ability to provide optimal care to our patients in all service areas for our Veterans both inpatient, outpatient and our Veterans Homes.

We have seen increased collegiality and congeniality as health care providers from different skill sets and are able to speak the same language and develop interprofessional plans that make it a win-win for all – especially the patient. HAPI rates are low, wound care is appropriately applied and less frustration for everyone involved.  The nursing staff now know that the pressure injury staging and Braden rules are not something that “I” developed but are truly evidence-based designations utilized across the country and the world. They understand which dressings are the most appropriate for wound types which can transition to less waste for your facility. As part of the pressure ulcer prevention/wound care team they can assist with the success of your initiatives. 

I am a big proponent for being a member of your professional organization and certification in your area of practice.  I believe it strengthens you in ways that are not always tangible but reflect the consideration that you place in the care given to your patients.  I emphasize to all of the WTA program participants to reach for the highest and allow their knowledge to show.  Certification is a part of it!  So let's not just dream of a world where our expertise is respected…Let's grow it from within by encouraging the education, certification and use of WTA-C®s within our facilities.  Your patients will thank you for it.

Official WOCNCB® Foot Care flash card sets available!

Be better prepared to pass the Wound, Ostomy, Continence and now Foot Care Exams. Each flash card set contains just over 200 questions developed from the Exam Content Outline. Each set is $44.95 Order here

Check out the Exam Prep  section of our website for additional tools to help you prepare for exams: exam content outlines, textbook references, practice exams and more!


  Helping Hands

Volunteer Nurses Needed for Youth Rally 2019

Each year the Youth Rally has a dedicated team of Licensed Medical Professionals who have experience with wound, ostomy and continence nursing. In our January 2019 newsletters, certificants shared their experience. A critical component of Youth Rally are the team nurses with big and kind hearts. This year, Youth Rally will take place July 8-13 (volunteers arrive July 6th for orientation) in Seattle, Washington.

Youth Rally hosts kids and teens living with conditions of the bowel and bladder at a college campus for a 5-night one of a kind camp experience that promotes independence, self-esteem, learning, friendship, and FUN!

2019 applications are now available. Visit Youth Rally website to learn more!

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