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I would like to thank you for all that you are doing for your patients as the pandemic continues in 2021. We have all experienced a lot of upheaval in the past year, but with more people getting a vaccine, we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  

We are continuing to offer live remote proctoring as an alternative to taking the exam at a testing site, and we are waiting for approval from the two organizations that accredit our certifications to offer it on a permanent basis. As always, if the pandemic has impacted you and is preventing you from recertifying, contact our office for a credential extension that will give you time to prepare to take the exam.

I am pleased to announce two new programs to help nurses get certified. The first is our Employer Discount Voucher Program. It will let employers purchase exam application fee vouchers in bulk to support certification of nurses. There are tiered prices based on how many vouchers are purchased, but you can get a discount by buying as few as three vouchers. You can learn more and follow a link below.

The second program is to help nurses interested in the Certified Foot Care Nurse (CFCN) certification find a preceptor. We have heard from nurses who have had trouble finding a foot care preceptor, so we developed a function to search for a preceptor near you. We are regularly adding people to the list of preceptors, so if you are interested in being a preceptor, you can sign up any time. The search function on our website will go live in just a few more days.  More details are below.

Both of these programs were in our strategic plan, and we are pleased to be offering them.

As reopening happens in the coming months, I hope I will have the opportunity to see you in person at conferences and meetings. I would like to thank each of you for maintaining your WOCNCB certification, which sets the standard for wound, ostomy, continence and foot care nursing certification by validating nurses’ knowledge to provide safe, patient-centered care.

Thank you,

Michael Kingan, DNP, AGPNP-BC, CWOCN
WOCNCB® President


Employer Discount Voucher Program!

Share the News with your Employer! It's a WIN WIN!

The WOCNCB Employer Discount Program offers a way for employers to get nurses certified at a reduced rate. Employers can purchase exam application vouchers in bulk and save up to 27% off regular application fees based on how many vouchers are purchased. This keeps costs down and increases the number of WOCNCB certified nurses. The more vouchers you purchase, the more you save.

Vouchers can be used for initial and recertification exams and/or PGP recertification portfolio payments! It's a WIN WIN! See details.



Be a CFCN Preceptor & Earn PGP points!

WOCNCB is creating a CFCN Preceptor online directory, allowing individuals to search by zip code for a CFCN preceptor. We want to continue to grow this directory, so if you are a CFCN and would like to be a preceptor, please use this link: and sign up today!

Not only is being a preceptor is a rewarding experience, a CFCN preceptor can earn 1 PGP point for every 8 hours of precepting up to a maximum of 10 points for the Foot Care specialty.



They join the ranks of individuals who hit the mark previously.  To view the list of previously WOCNCB® 30-year continuous certifications since 2013 click here

WOC Nurse Week is April 11-17, 2021!

Thank you to all our certified nurses for all you are doing each and every day. We appreciate your dedication to patient care, as leaders in your specialty and in all roles you are asked to fill during this COVID-19 pandemic. As a WOCNCB Certified nurse, share your experience and how you are responding during this crisis. Download signs to promote being WOCNCB Certified and share your photos and stories via social media  #wocncb #nurses #prevention #certification #WOCNurseWeek2021.  We hope this will brighten your day in the face of the adversity you are facing and let you know how appreciated you are for the work you do.

The WOCN® Society has created a WOC Nurse week toolkit to help you celebrate.  Visit the WOCN® Society website for additional resources to help you make the most out of your celebrations this year!


We are proud of our nurses and appreciate your dedication to patients and caring for others during the pandemic.  We know WOCNCB Certified nurses are rising to the challenge and adapting to provide services where needed.

We thank everyone who participated in the WOCing Through COVID photo contest and decided to share these inspiring stories in a video. Watch video.


April 30 is when the new core curriculum will be available. To pre-order click here.

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