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I am an Associate Degree Nurse and I am intrigued with wounds, My question is there any way or a pathway for ADN nurses to obtain wound care certification

Answered February 15, 2021
You are eligible for the WTA-C (Wound Treatment Associate - Certified) board credentialing exam. You will complete the required coursework and clinical experience as outlined on this website under "Certification / Wound Treatment Associate" and click on Eligibility.

Can a product trial of 2 air positioning devices be used under wound specialty for 10 points? Was the lead of the trial, coordinated sales rep in-services after decision was made including parameters for use, initiated adding documentation for the air positioning device and collaborated with Quality to monitor usage of the air positioning device. HAPI injuries continue to be monitored. Staff verbalize improvement of repositioning patients >175lbs.

Answered February 15, 2021
Please review page 18 for the breakdown of this particular product trial. This can be applied to the Wound portfolio as specialty points. Thanks for your question!

I am the chair for our quarterly Prevalence Study. I organize the study and the participants. After the assessments I organize the results and submit results to the NDNQI system. I perform these tasks quarterly. Am I able to earn points each quarter? Also I have revised our process through the NDNQI data base and revised our collection process for the entire system. Is there another area that I qualify for more points for this work in Quality?

Answered February 13, 2021
Thank you for your question. Please review page 17 in the 2020 PGP handbook . You can claim an maximum of 10 points per specialty per certification period

I recently earned certification as a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP-BC) and I am getting ready to recertify my CWON credentials. As a NP and a current CWON, can I recertify as a CWON-AP by using the portfolio method? Thanks in advance for your response.

Answered February 11, 2021
The CWON-AP is established the first time via examination. The portfolio is to Re-certify a currently held CWON-AP.

Hello, I am in the process of completing my application to retake my ostomy and wound certification test. I failed my first attempt for both test and this is my first reattempt Listed on your website it states, Candidates failing their first exam attempt may submit a retake application for their next attempt with a $100.00 discount. This discount is limited to one (1) use and subsequent retake applications will use the full exam fee schedule listed above. Can you please inform me how I can place this discount to my payment? It currently says I owe $510.00. Thank you, Angie

Answered February 10, 2021
If you log in to your Original application, the link for "retake" allows you to take advantage of the discount and also to submit these fees without re-doing the eligibility documents. If you created a New application instead of logging into the original one, it will treat the application differently. Please contact our testing agency if you need assistance. (919) 572-6880 or email:

I recently earned certification as a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP-BC) and I am getting ready to recertify my CWON. I am not interested in the CWON-AP certification. As a NP, Can I recertify as a CWON? I appreciate your response.

Answered February 9, 2021
Since you are eligible for both the CWON and the CWON-AP, you may select either level of credentialing when recertifying.

I am an RN and with general nursing for over 10 yrs it is important that I consolidate now I want to take the WOCN online education at Cleveland land clinic and then complete 40hours of practicum - but I am overseas- can I find an accredited preceptor overseas (Australia )? Tthe board here (Australia)mandate practical learning at least 40 hours Is this WOCN internationally recognised and accredited?? After completing the online learning,Can I take Certification test here in Australia if not where are the tests centres ? Is there practice or certification courses ?

Answered February 8, 2021
The education programs, like Cleveland Clinic, will determine your curriculum completion for their program, of which their 40 hours of clinical practice is a part of this curriculum. Therefore, it is best to contact them directly about this portion of their program. Their email is:

Hello. Recently I submitted information for pre-approval about a wound conference that had several sessions with CMEs approved by the ANCC which was rejected. I could find no comments as to why this was rejected. Was this possibly rejected because this should have been submitted and entered directly into the appropriate tabs of wound or ostomy? I am confused as to what items would be appropriate for submitting for prior approval. Please advise.

Answered February 5, 2021
The PGP system sends an automated email reply with the response reason for a pre-approval on its status. If it is rejected, it could indicate the item does not need a pre-approval when it pertains specifically to the clinical specialty. In that instance, you would be able to enter the item in your portfolio as normal and mark it "specialty". You may email us directly to ask for more specific information on your request. Email:

How many certified wound care nurses are currently certified in the United States? How many ostomy nurses are currently certified in the US? How many nurses are currently certified in W, O, C in the US?

Answered February 4, 2021
Number of nurses holding combined credentials: CWOCN = 2,856 CWON = 2,077 Numbers of single certifications: CWCN = 8,213 COCN = 6,117 CCCN = 3,390

Do you have to have the CWON certification prior to the CWON-AP? As an NP can I start with the CWON-AP.

Answered February 4, 2021
It is not required to first hold CWON to earn the specialty -AP in wound and ostomy. You could utilize either the "Experiential Pathway" or the "Traditional Pathway" towards starting with the CWON-AP. In other words, by having either your own clinical experience and CE in wound and ostomy care, or by completing an accredited WOC Nursing Education Program. Please review "Eligibility" on this website under "Certification / Advanced Practice".

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