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I oriented/precepted a brand new CWOCN at my facility. Would this be included in the Precept/Orient/Shadow for 1 point for every 8 hours or can I include this as precepting a WOC nurse for 1 point for every 4 hours?

Answered August 9, 2018
You are correct, that WOC student precepting is 1 point for every 4 hours. The other is for nursing or medical precepting. Refer to pg. 24 of the PGP Handbook and be sure to utilize the precepting tracking form for your hours.

I was a reviewer for the 50th WOCN Society annual conference poster abstracts last November. I reviewed approximately 10-12 abstracts and made decisions as to which ones I would recommend for approval using criteria provided. I was told when I volunteered that I would get PGP points for doing this. What category would this fall under and how many PGP points are awarded for this activity?

Answered August 10, 2018
It sounds like you were part of the conference planning/task force at a National Level and would be able to claim this as 5 points for being a member.

I am a member of a System (48 hospitals) Wound Value Analysis team which also covers ostomy and continence products. I read in the handbook that points must be split between specialties and pre-approved. I have served on this team for 3 years. Do I have to split the points or can I count them for one specialty (Continence)? The Wound VAT met monthly for two years and quarterly for one year and the continence products were scattered throughout those 3 years. I do not need the points for ostomy or wound specialties so I would not want to split them. Can I use the whole 3 years for continence specialty?

Answered August 9, 2018
Hello, Unfortunately, if your Value Analysis covers all three scopes these points must be split between them and cannot be put into all one scope. You do need to submit for pre-approval and can certainly make a specific case for the time spent on each scope in order to utilize more in one are than another.

To recertify as a COCN, may I use ceu's that are trache-related? We have a number of traches and spit fistulas that we are responsible for and we found the ceu's to be helpful to us regarding this subject matter. Is that acceptable to include in my ceu's for recert? Thank you

Answered August 8, 2018
I will refer you to pg. 12-13 of the PGP Handbook and may assume this may be one that would fit under "professional practice" definition. If the CEU is not WOCNCB or WOCN Society sponspored, you must submit this for pre-approval. Review the objectives of the courses related to this and it may better help guide you in the future on which portfolio to place your CEU's.

I have developed a deep convexity for a very retracted stoma. It is unique to this patient and not available from industry. I designed the product and it is now being used in our facility. I am not sure I can patent it yet but pt will need to use for rest of her life. Is there way I can get credits for this? Thanks

Answered August 7, 2018
Hello, It sounds like you were able to utilize your wonderful ostomy skills to create a specific appliance for a particular patient. I am not clear if this is using other industries products to do so. From the information I have, this does not fit under any category in the handbook, but you would propose you write this up with more detail for a pre-approval request.

Will there be a role delineation survey or another survey available to take online this year with the recertifications? Last recert I was able to participate and receive 5 points. Thank you. Ronna Piccioni

Answered August 6, 2018
This survey was distributed about a week ago, entitled "Job Analysis". Please email us for receiving a duplicate invitation by email. Our address is:

Hello, I am a CWOCN in a Quality Improvement role. I am developing a QI Toolkit, specific to our facility. Can this be used towards my next recertification? If so, what would it be included under? Thanks so much, Melissa Hiscock

Answered August 4, 2018
A QI toolkit sounds like a great idea! You will need to submit for pre-approval. According to the PGP handbook, page 15: Pre-approval Category, the PGP pre-approval process is to have your activity considered for approval and assigned a point value if it is not already listed in the handbook or to request approval for an activity to meet the definition of a Professional Practice topic. A "toolkit" sounds like it has many parts. Each of those parts will have to be listed and explained in order for accurate value to be given. Good luck! May I also recommend that you continue your efforts and perhaps make a poster for the national conference, or publish in our journal. I know many WOC nurses are interested in QI projects, and eager to learn more.

Is it possible for a Canadian trained Enterostomal Nurse to take the exam for the WCOCN title?

Answered August 3, 2018
It is possible for a Canadian nurse, and especially if you have graduated from the CAET education program. This is an equivalent to the accredited WOC education programs in the U.S. Please review "Eligibility" on our website under "Certification / Wound Ostomy Continence." Also email us directly if you have more questions:

Hello! I finished the Wound and Ostomy Course few yrs ago but failed the board exam. Can I still take the Certification Test? Thank you very much!

Answered August 2, 2018
There are two pathways to be eligible for certification: 1. Graduate from an accredited WOC Nursing Education Program within the past five years; or, 2.) Use the Experiential Pathway by having 1,500 clinical practice hours plus 50 CE credits. This pathway requires you have the experience and CE within the past five years. Please review "Eligibility" under "Certification / Wound Ostomy Continence."

would every certified nurse receive the Task Analysis survey email? I have known some certified nurses did not receive the email. thank you very much.

Answered August 2, 2018
All certified nurses may participate, and if a survey was not received please email us directly at:

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