Disaster Relief from WOCNCB:
Certificate Replacement, Exam Extension and Benevolence Fund

Dear Colleagues,

For a number of years the WOCNCB has reached out to its certificants in need with a helping hand. We know that our members are sometimes dealing with the consequences of either personal or natural disasters. Recovering from a crisis in your life takes months, with immediate needs being addressed first. Whether it was a tornado, flooding, fire or some other natural or personal disaster, we want you to know that the WOCNCB understands and wants to be there for you.

While we can never replace treasured keepsakes like family photos and refrigerator works of art, we can replace your WOCNCB certificate. If yours has been lost or damaged please contact the office at 1-888-496-2622 or info@wocncb.org and we will be happy to send a new certificate to you. It is a small gesture but will hopefully place you one step further along your journey of putting your life back together.

The WOCNCB is committed to supporting each and every certificant. For those persons who qualify we grant extensions for testing, and through our Benevolence Fund, assist with meeting exam or PGP fees.

Your WOCNCB is here for you. We welcome the opportunity to help you so that you, in turn, can continue to help others.


Donna L Thompson, MSN, CRNP, FNP-BC, CCCN

Donna L Thompson, MSN, CRNP, FNP-BC, CCCN
President, WOCNCB