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President's Message

With the coronavirus pandemic continuing, I hope all of you are staying safe and healthy as we enter fall.  We appreciate the work of all of the WOCNCB® certified nurses during this trying time.  

Due to the ongoing pandemic, certified nurses with a credential expiration through November 2020 have had their expiration dates extended to December 31, 2020.  We are continually monitoring conditions with the pandemic and testing centers, and we will further adjust expiration dates as needed. If you have any specific concerns about your credentials, please contact our office.

While many exam test sites were closed from March to June, we have seen more sites opening across the country, and we are offering live remote proctoring for all of our exams through December 31, 2020. The two bodies that accredit our certifications, the Accreditation Board for Specialty Nursing Certification (ABSNC) and the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) are allowing live remote proctoring under a temporary waiver, and both are considering adding remote proctoring to their standards on a permanent basis.  

As you prepare for your certification exams, we have a number of exam prep materials available on our website. These include practice exams, exam content outlines, and our mobile app flashcards. We have mobile apps available for wound, ostomy, continence, and foot care, and we will be launching an app for the Advance Practice – Wound Care certification exam by the end of 2020. Apps in Advance Practice Ostomy and Continence will be released in 2021. Our mobile app flashcards have gotten good reviews from users who have said:

  • Extremely helpful and easy to use! Have it on my phone, home and work computer. Thank you!
  • Exceptional preparation for my certification exam!! Flash cards from other organizations just do not compare to what this app has offered me.
  • Rationales are presented with every question to help deepen understanding. Having the ability to track progress and areas of improvement is super helpful!! Highly recommend to anyone studying for certification or re-certification!!

We also have available our Certification Inspiration podcasts which cover topics like a day in the life of a WOC nurse in different practice settings, how to recertify by PGP, and the importance of certified ostomy nurses for patients.  Please share these resources with your colleagues.

Thank you,

Michael Kingan, DNP, AGPNP-BC, CWOCN®
WOCNCB® President

What's New?

Welcome New WOCNCB® Board Member

Linda McKenna, MSN, RN, CWOCN Madison, Wisconsin

Linda will start a new four year board term in January 2021. She has been a CWOCN® for 27 years and will bring a working knowledge of the WOCNCB® organization and years of regional and local leadership experiences to the Board of Directors role.

Thank you for volunteering your time to the WOC and foot care nursing specialties!


Helping Hands

Ostomy Awareness Day October 3rd!

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Ostomy Awareness Day and we are proud to stand with the entire ostomy community in celebration. WOCNCB has created a team for the UOAA Worldwide Virtual Ostomy 5k, and we encourage you to get involved, raise awareness, and spread the message that show that “Ostomies Are Life-Savers!”! The Ostomy 5k events are key fundraisers to support the programs and services of United Ostomy Associations of America, Inc. (UOAA)

Run, Walk or Roll in your own neighborhood or park (or inside on a treadmill) in support of ostomy awareness. Ask your family, friends or support group to join or donate to your own virtual team.

Join the WOCNCB team and register for the virtual 2020 Run for Resilience Ostomy 5k! Spread the message that “Ostomies Are Life-Savers!” Register today! The virtual run/walk will be October 3rd.

Please use the 10th anniversary Ostomy Awareness Day logo below on your social media platforms and link to the OAD webpage:  Post your photos and use the hashtags:  #OstomiesAreLifesavers #OstomyDay2020 and tag UOAA and WOCNCB on Facebook!

There are many other ways to raise ostomy awareness that can all be found on the UOAA website

A Patient's Point of View

Always Forge Ahead with a Purpose by Dan Shockley

I am a retired Navy, Operation Desert Storm, Enduring and Iraqi Freedom veteran. My pilgrimage as an ostomate began in 2012 at age 51 when I resided in Hawaii. It was during my first and only colonoscopy which revealed 100 polyps embedded throughout my colon, rectum and anus. There were no symptoms or family history of colon related conditions. A meeting with a Certified Genetic Counselor and Colorectal surgeon was scheduled to discuss my pedigree and initiate gene sequencing DNA testing, which would take 3-6 weeks to receive the results. During this time, I initiated my personal research to better prepare myself for the inevitable, permanent ostomy surgery. I read about the gene mutation, type of surgery and life as an ostomate.

The DNA test results came 6 weeks later. It was at that time I had another meeting with my genetic counselor and colorectal surgeon. The results revealed I have attenuated familial adenomatous polyposis (AFAP) which is an autosomal dominant germline mutation. Since AFAP is a rare gene mutation, any polyps left unattended have a 100% chance of developing into colon cancer. Total-proctocolectomy with a permanent ileostomy surgery was recommended in the best practice of medicine.

Prior to surgery, I met my Certified Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurse (CWOCN®), Nina Lum, she was present when the stoma marking took place by a member of my surgery team. Nina visited me in the recovery room as well as an inpatient and guided me along as a new ostomate.

Following the successful surgery, Nina would visit me daily and prepare me for life as an ostomate. She discussed peristomal skin care, materials required for changing the appliance as well as the many different types of resources. She provided in depth training and provided a copy of the Phoenix Magazine for new ostomates. She even brought a DVD player to my bedside so I could watch the Hollister Secure Start ostomy guide.

Nina introduced me to the United Ostomy Associations of America (UOAA). While still inpatient I reached out to UOAA for support, shared my new experience as an ostomate, and began my advocacy efforts. Upon discharge from the hospital, I was equipped by Nina to be completely self-sufficient.

In closing, I would like to share my analogy of LIFE and the game of BASEBALL.
What do LIFE and BASEBALL have in common?
Neither has a time limit.
When a baseball game goes into extra innings it's like FREE BASEBALL. As a colon cancer warrior with a permanent ostomy my life is FREE BASEBALL. Life may have thrown me a curveball, however, I am swinging for the fences. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Dan speaks at various support groups and educational events around the country, where he shares his journey, stresses the importance of early detection and talks about how the mutation and early detection have impacted his life. Most recently, Dan was a featured guest on the podcast Colon Cancer Prevention, listen to his Cancer Fight podcast.

Photos: Above Dan Shockley with surgeon and  Nina Lum, CWOCN® at Tripler Army Medical Center Left: Dan Shockley at OAD Proclamation Presentation in Hawaii.


Remote Proctored Exams Available through December 31

Starting on July 1, WOCNCB® has been offering the option of live remote proctoring for all of our certification exams.  Live remote proctoring allows test-takers to take the exam at home while a proctor watches live via a webcam. When you receive your Notice to Schedule from Scantron, you can select the option to take the exam using remote proctoring. Please note that you must be able to use a desktop or laptop computer to take the exam as well as meet other technical requirements.  You can learn more on our website.

The two bodies that accredit our certifications, the Accreditation Board for Specialty Nursing Certification (ABSNC) and the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) are allowing live remote proctoring under a temporary waiver, and both are considering adding remote proctoring to their standards on a permanent basis. We will provide additional updates on remote proctoring based on the requirements of the accrediting bodies.

Did You Know?

You save when you apply for two or more certifications at the same time!

The WOCNCB®'s application fees are competitively priced, and the fee structure includes substantial savings for nurses who apply for two or more certifications at the same time.

Application Fees:

One Specialty: $395 (equates to $79/year x 5)
Two Specialties: $510 (equates to $102/year x 5)
Three Specialties: $610 (equates to $122/year x 5)
Four Specialties: $670 (equates to $134/year x 5)

Resources & Tools to Help You Prepare for Exams

Whether this is your first WOC, Foot Care or WTA-C® exam or if you are recertifying, WOCNCB® has resources to help you prepare.  Follow the links to the WOCNCB® website below:

COVID-19 Updates

The WOCNCB® greatly appreciates all of the work our certified nurses are doing on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic.  Whatever your role in caring for patients, the important thing is that you are all staying safe and healthy.

During this difficult time, we do not want concerns about your WOCNCB® credentials to be a distraction from the important work you are doing.

We are working closely with Scantron, our testing company, and we will continue to monitor the situation and extend recertification deadlines as needed. We are committed to accommodating WOCNCB® certified nurses, so that no one loses their certification due to a deadline or expiration date during this difficult and unpredictable time.

The latest updates can be found on our website:

Black Friday Sale coming soon!

Once again WOCNCB® will be offering a discount for each Certification Badge Holder Pin ordered. Take advantage of this special offer and order for yourself and others! Details will be announced via email in November!

These attractive enameled pins will identify you as an expert in your specialty. Gold tone with enameled background, and open area for badge holder or hanging your eyeglasses.  Actual size 1/2" x 3/4".


Your health and well-being is critical at this time, please practice with all the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe while you are caring for others. Be sure to visit the WOCN Society's COVID-19 resources page to help you carry out  your duties on the frontlines.


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