Employer Discount Voucher Program

The WOCNCB Employer Discount Exam Voucher Program offers a way to make certification attainable to as many nurses as possible, helping you strengthen your team while keeping costs down. Vouchers may be used for initial exams, recertification exams and PGP applications.


Discount Pricing

Number of Vouchers Regular Exam Fee WOC, WOC-AP, or FC Discounted Exam Fee Per Voucher WOC, WOC-AP, or FC Regular Exam Fee WTA-C Discounted Exam Fee Per Voucher WTA-C
Tier 1:   3 – 5 exam vouchers $395 $310 $250 $240
Tier 2:   6 – 10 exam vouchers $395 $300 $250 $225  (price for 6+)
Tier 3:   11+ vouchers $395 $290 $250 $225

Discounts are based on the quantity per order.

Save even more if your employee is becoming tri-certified (i.e. certified in wound, ostomy, and continence care). Instead of paying $610, the cost is only $355. The savings come in the form of a rebate. For more details, go to FAQs.


Get your nurses certified and keep them certified.

The Discount Employer Exam Voucher Program offers significant discounts for organizations purchasing as few as 3 vouchers at a time.

A Discount Exam Voucher:

  • is used for any of the WOCNCB certifications, whether it is an initial exam, or recertification exam.
  • is valid for 12 months.
  • is not applicable to a retake exam.

How to Get Started

Employer Process

  1. Click on Purchase Voucher below, payable by credit card or check.
  2. If paying by check, mail to WOCNCB.
  3. Receive codes via email from info@wocncb.org
  4. Distribute codes to your employees.
  5. Direct your employees to link below on Employee Process.

Employee Process

  1. Receive the unique voucher number from your Employer and store in a safe place.
  2. Go to exam application below (or, at http://www.wocncb.org/apply )
  3. Enter your valid voucher code as your form of payment, so the application becomes a zero dollar application.
  4. Once your application is approved, you have 12 months to sit for the exam.



Are there any additional fees for using the voucher program?
There are no additional fees to the employer associated with a voucher purchase. Candidates applying for exams will use the voucher as their form of payment. Keep in mind it is not applicable to a Retake exam, and does not cover the $50 fee to reschedule an exam date, or the $75 surcharge to schedule separate exam dates.

How long do the vouchers last?
The voucher code has an expiration date of 12 months from the date of purchase.

How can I pay for vouchers and when will I receive them?
Employers may purchase a quantity of vouchers using the tiered pricing listed above, via credit card or check. The voucher codes are issued within 2 days of purchase and are sent via secure email to the employer.

What exams can the voucher be used for?
Vouchers can be used towards any of the WOCNCB specialty exams, or a PGP recertification portfolio payment. Keep in mind it is not applicable to a Retake exam.

What if I can’t find the voucher number?
Contact the WOCNCB office to re-issue a copy of your purchased voucher codes, and they will be emailed to the original address on the order. If you are a candidate – please contact the person who gave you the voucher.

Where can I get a copy of the receipt?
Contact the WOCNCB office to re-issue a copy of your receipt for the purchased vouchers, which will be emailed to the original address on the order.

Who do I contact if I have a question about a voucher number?
For any questions about vouchers, please email us at info@wocncb.org or call us at 888-496-2622 for more information.

Can I use the other WOCNCB exam rebates for V.A., military, U.S. Public Health, or Indian Health Services with an employer voucher?
No, the rebate program is not applicable in conjunction with the WOCNCB Employer Discount voucher program.

If my employee applies for 2, 3, or 4 specialties, how is the discount applied?
The employer is issued a refund when vouchers are used for multi-specialty applications, based on the amount paid versus the tiered discount.
Example: Using 3 specialty vouchers on one application. Employer ordered the first tier and paid the $310 tier price x 3 used vouchers equaling $930 total paid. The discount value is $85 based on the tier discount x 3 specialties equaling a $255 total discount. The total three-specialty exam fee is regularly $610, and by subtracting the discount of $255. The total employer cost is $355 for a 3 specialty exam application.

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