Initial (first-time) candidates must:Foot and Nail

  1. Have a current RN License
  2. Hold a Bachelor’s Degree (or higher) - all Baccalaureate degrees applicable
  3. Have 24 CE/CME credits (contact hours) specific to foot care. Note: 8 of 24 CE/CME may be in basic skin and wound care. For a list of programs, click here.
  4. Have 40 clinical hours under the direct supervision of an expert in foot care. Note: 12 of the 40 clinical hours may be in basic skin and wound care under the direct supervision of a wound care expert. The wound care expert may include a CWCN®, CWCN-AP®, DPM or an MD specializing in wound care (a WTA-C does not qualify).

Both the CE/CME credits (contact hours) and clinical hours must be completed within the previous 5 years from the date of the application while functioning as an RN.

Note: All who currently hold the certification are able to recertify their CFCN® credential as long as there is no lapse in certification. If credentials lapse, a Bachelor's degree will be required for establishing certification.

CFCN FAST TRACK eligibility for current CWCN, CWON or CWOCN

If you hold a CWCN, it will replace the 8CE/CME in basic skin/wound care as well as the 12 clinical hours specific to skin/wound care needed!

Full eligibility information is outlined in the Candidate Examination Handbook



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