The successful completion of the WTA Program is a prerequisite for earning the WTA Certification. This educational program was developed by the WOCN Society to meet the growing need for skilled wound care providers in all care settings and to enhance nurses’ ability to provide optimal care for patients with acute and chronic wounds as members of a collaborative wound care team. This training must be completed under the direction of a WOCNCB Certified Wound Care Nurse. To earn the WTA certification, a candidate must meet all WTA eligibility requirements listed below and pass the WTA certification examination:

  • Must have a current LPN/LVN or RN license
  • Must have completed the WOCN Society’s WTA Program within the past five (5) years, under the direction of an approved WOCNCB nurse and hold a current WTA Program certificate of completion.  Click here for course information.
  • Accumulate 16 clinical hours under the direct supervision of an expert in wound care, for example: Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, or an RN or APRN certified in wounds through WOCNCB®. The expert MUST HAVE experience relevant to wound care. Click here to download the Verification Form for clinical hours.

Upon successful passing of the WOCNCB certification exam, the certified WTA nurse will be able to use the WTA-C credentials.

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