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re PGP point looking category for implementing use of IPhone/Photograpy? Initiated Haiku in ICU to obtain images of PI POA: dont see inovation or technology listed in PGP?

Answered March 8, 2023
You may submit it through the pre-approval process, since it is not already identified as an activity in the PGP handbook.

Is approved by WOCNC for CE education for PGP recertification? Thank you, Mojdeh

Answered March 3, 2023
We accept all CE providers when the course content pertains to the clinical specialty. If the course content is related to 'professional practice' topics, then it will need a pre-approval. This is done within your PGP account, and go to the tab section "pre-approval" to submit your write-up request.

Hello, Regarding CE hours for recertification, Is an approved website by WOCNCB? Thank you so much, Mojdeh

Answered March 1, 2023
Thanks for your question! Information on continuing education can be found on page 10 of the handbook. Accredited or approved providers include the WOCN® Society, SAWC, the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), or a state board of nursing. This information can be found on the CE/CNE/CME certificate issued to you.

I have been a WOC nurse for 15 years. I became an APRN in 2017 and have been working in wound/ostomy care since then. I am looking to recertify this time with the AP option. I'm a little confused by the instructions. Must I take the AP exam or is there an experiential pathway or PGP option for this? Thanks.

Answered March 1, 2023
With a current CWON, and your NP status, you are eligible to apply for the -AP level certification -- which must be established the first time via taking the -AP level exams. The PGP portfolio is an option to recertify the CWON at that regular (non-AP) level. The experiential pathway is a method to show eligibility to exam if you did not have the CWON or had not graduated from a WOC education program.

I recently recertified and will need a copy of my payment to the board. Am I able to access that or can it be forwarded to my email? Thank you, Kathleen

Answered March 1, 2023
You may request a receipt of payment through our testing agency, since they process all payments for exam or portfolio. Email:

With respect to the 50 ostomy CEU's within the 5 years prior to the certification process, can you count time spent working with a preceptor at an ostomy clinic; attending a pouching inservice and observation of alginate molding for custom ileostomy pouching? What documentation would be required? Thank you.

Answered January 6, 2018
You may have a maximum of 40 CEU's for each Portfolio when Recertifying. If you are getting Certified for the first time, the requirements are different. All of the activities you listed would qualify for Recertification. If you are becoming certified for the first time, I will refer this to another source.

Is the cwocn called clinical nurse specialist?

Answered November 17, 2017
Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) are registered nurses who typically hold a master's degree, at minimum, along with national certification denoting advanced knowledge and clinical skills specific to a particular patient population or specialized area of nursing. Therefore, this designation (CNS) is not issued by our credentialing body, WOCNCB, but rather by a state board of nursing or perhaps given by the university while earning the MSN. In some states, it is a practice-based designation to use CNS.


Please let me know what course I would need to take and where to qualify to sit for the exam. Thanks very much, Diane Carroll I live in Massachusetts

I have been a Registered nurse for 18 years. I have never seen or witnessed as much arogance and power abuse ever as I have recently in my pursuit of a wound care certification. The program I attended and the testing application procedures are unproffessional to say the least. It is really giving this program a bad name.

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