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Hello: I have a few questions. I have sat on ConvaTec KOL board the last 5 years for ostomy. When I entered it, it came up as only 1 point. I read max 4 points. Is this 1 point per year that I was on the board for a total of 4? Second, I was the primary research coordinator for an IRB submission on an internal fecal management system. I Submitted the proposal, collected data, data analysis, then did a poster. Do I receive points for each of these? I have a second IRB submission for evaluation of a new external fecal management system. Since my previous research will max out my continence points, can I count this in another category, like ostomy? Thank you JoAnn Hager I have

Have you given any consideration to dropping the point requirements over the next few years for the PGP? With Covid so many hospital activities were canceled (committee's, projects, product evals, etc) and many of those were areas where points were claimed. I have really struggled to get 80 points in each section due to this.

I completed the Foot and Nail Care Educational course through the University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire and would like to add this to CEU portion of my portfolio. Would pre-approval be required for this course?

Answered May 16, 2022
If you are recertfying a CFCN credential, and if the course CE were earned after having the CFCN, and the CE date is within your "points accrual" period, they can be used.

This question is in regards to teaching. I developed and presented a program on low air loss pumps. The Title, Objectives (1,2,3), Summary of teaching content and evaluation method are the same for the Development of the Program and The Presentation of the Program. Do I enter the same information for each of these activities?

Answered May 15, 2022
Thank you for your question. You are correct that the development of program and the presentation are separate and will need to be written up separately. Please refer to the PGP 2020 handbook for further clarification

I am a staff educator interested in WTA education to become WTA- certified and find program for fellow co-workers. Can you provide me with a listing of programs? Sincerely, Rosie

Answered May 12, 2022
The listing of programs is linked from our website over to the organization that developed the education. It is found on our site under "Certification / Wound Treatment Associate" and click on "Eligibility". Look for the section on Traditional Pathway for the link.

I have gotten married and changed my last name legally. How do I updated my unexpired certification?

Answered May 12, 2022
Please send a copy of the legal document showing the old and new name, to WOCNCB. You may either fax, email or mail the information. Please see "Contact Us" on this website for the address, fax and email.

I am a CWON and would like to become a preceptor. What do I need to do?

Answered May 9, 2022
If it is precepting for one of the WOC Nursing Education Programs, you would need to contact the school directly. The program sets the requirements, since it is part of their curriculum.

If you attend a conference and recieved CAU credits, do you have to list each one out? can you put in the total amount awarded if they are all in the same specialty. ex. SAWC - all count towards wounds.

Answered May 6, 2022
You must list each conference session’s CE/CNE/CME separately as shown in Appendix A of the PGP handbook. If the title of the session does not reflect the content, please write a brief description along with the title.

I want to clarify that for Professional Practice points the CE limit is 10. Is that 10 CE limit for each specialty of wound, ostomy and continence, if you are trispecialty, or 10 CE total for the entire portfolio?

Answered May 6, 2022
Thanks for the question! Maximum of 10 CE/CNE/CMEs may relate to Professional Practice, in each specialty.

I currently have a WCC, and interested in ostomy and continent certification, planning to take my NP exam this July. I need advise on what to do. Can i.take ostomy and continent at the same I am taking my NP certification?

Answered May 5, 2022
There are two levels of credentialing for Ostomy and Continence certifications, either as an RN/Bachelor's Degree, or as an NP. If you seek the regular non-AP level of credentialing, you may qualify prior to earning the NP. Eligibility requires you to either complete a WOC Nursing Education Program, or to qualify through the Experiential Pathway (with 1,500 clinical experience hours in ostomy with 50 CE in ostomy; plus the same for continence - 1,500 clinical hours in continence experience plus 50 CE in continence). Please review our "Eligibility" section on the website under "Certification" by clicking on WOC specialty or the AP.

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