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The WOCNCB's exam application fees are competitively priced and the fee structure includes substantial savings for nurses who apply for two or more certifications at the same time. The WOCNCB does not charge any annual certification maintenance fees.

Exam fees are reduced significantly when multiple specialty exams are in one exam application submission.

One Specialty: $395 (equates to $79/year x 5)
Two Specialties: $510 (equates to $102/year x 5)
Three Specialties: $610 (equates to $122/year x 5)
Four Specialties: $670 (equates to $134/year x 5)

All exam application fees must be submitted with the online exam application.

Note: Exams do not need to be scheduled/completed on the same day. Once your exam application is approved, you have a 12 month window to complete all exams.  Schedule exams to best fit your study schedule! If a three specialty exam application is approved, you may schedule each exam on separate dates (or the same date if you choose) as long as all exams are completed within the 12 month timeframe.

Candidates who choose to schedule multiple testing periods will be charged a one-time surcharge fee of $75.00.

For WTA-C application fee and details click here

For international fees in Developing Countries:  Click here to view list of qualifying developing countries according to the World Bank (low or lower-middle income).  Qualifying applicants may utilize a fee of $100 per specialty exam.

First Exam Retake Discount:

Candidates failing their first exam attempt may submit a retake application for their next attempt with a $100.00 discount. This discount is limited to one (1) use and subsequent retake applications will use the full exam fee schedule listed above.

Employer Discount Voucher Program

The WOCNCB Employer Discount Exam Voucher Program offers a way to make certification attainable to as many nurses as possible, helping you strengthen your team while keeping costs down. Vouchers may be used for initial exams, recertification exams and PGP applications.

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