Board Certification Matters!


Making the right decision regarding your healthcare providers can determine how quickly you get back on your feet. Receiving expert quality care can lead to improved quality of life for patients and lead to cost savings as well.

You want the most skilled and knowledgeable nursing team working for you. Board certification ensures that a nurse is knowledgeable and well qualified to provide specialized care.

Patient and Care Givers Benefit:

  • Quality Patient Care
  • Improved patient safety
  • Improved outcomes
  • Managed costs
  • Strengthened patient confidence

Patient Testimonials:

“Following surgery for Colorectal Cancer, I was left with a Colostomy. In hospital, the CWOCN visited me three time educating me on how to manage my appliance. Later when healed the same nurse walked me through the irrigation process. She literally showed me how to lead a normal and productive life.”

Jim - Patient

“Your foot care nurses restored dignity, function and feeling back into my feet, and for that I am grateful; but the knowledge that you have shared with me about the way my shoes should fit and how the tension in my shoulders can be relaxed by awareness of the tension in my feet has made a huge positive difference to my pain, health and well-being. I had no idea until you connected the dots for me. Thank you for breathing life back into me.”

Diabetic Foot Care patient

Board Certified Colon and Rectal Surgeon

“A certified wound ostomy continence nurse (CWOCN) is critical to the education, treatment, and management of a myriad of debilitating and altering medical and surgical conditions. CWOCN's offer immeasurable support, education and assistance to patients - not only regarding their ostomy, but physically, emotionally and psychologically. They are an integral part of the team - there is no such thing as a comprehensive colorectal or G.I. service without a certified wound ostomy nurse. Indeed, a CWOCN can often be the best link between the patient and surgeon.”

Richard Fortunato, DO, FACS, FASCRS (Board-certified Colon and Rectal surgeon)

Board certification ensures that a nurse is knowledgeable and well qualified to provide specialized care.

Shouldn't a WOCNCB Certified nurse be caring for you?

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The Value of Certification Consumers

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