Professional Growth Program (PGP)

Only current certificants are eligible for recertification.

PGP Portfolio Eligibility Requirements

  1. You must be currently certified and currently licensed as a Registered Nurse (provide license number in PGP profile.) To recertify - AP WOC credentials follow the AP Portfolio requirements.
  2. Submit a completed portfolio between 3 and 12 months ahead of credentials expiration with fees (fees listed below).
  3. Review the (PGP Handbook 2024) for complete requirements which include:
  • Must have at least 10 CE's in the clinical specialty.
  • Must have a portfolio with at least 80 points, but no more than 90 points.
  • At least half of the portfolio must pertain to the clinical specialty.

    4. Create online PGP profile and continually enter your projects/activities at:

PGP Portfolio Recertification Process

  1. Portfolio is reviewed for content and approved by PGP Committee.
  2. If approved, recertification is granted.
  3. If revisions are required You are LIMITED to 2 resubmissions (initial plus 2 revisions).
  4. If a portfolio is not approved after the resubmissions, it is a failed portfolio.
  5. Failed PGP candidates must recertify via examination and submit an exam application and fees (prior to credentials expiring).
NOTE: Candidates with multiple specialties may select to PGP or Exam for each specialty. This is indicated at the time of portfolio submission and is considered "combination recertification".

PGP Resources

For AP WOC recertification by PGP, please refer to AP Portfolio for handbook and forms.

PGP Fees

One Specialty: $395 (equates to $79/year x 5)
Two Specialties: $510 (equates to $102/year x 5)
Three Specialties: $610 (equates to $122/year x 5)
Four Specialties: $670 (equates to $134/year x 5)

Note: There is a $25.00 administrative fee per PGP resubmission/per specialty, refer to PGP handbook for details.

Submit a PGP Late Application

The Value of Certification Nurses
The Value of Certification Administrators
The Value of Certification Consumers

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