Wound Treatment Associate-Certified Exam

To earn the WTA-C® credential, a candidate must meet all WTA-C® eligibility requirements listed below and pass the WTA-C® certification examination. All candidates must take a certification exam to earn credentials initially.



  1. Have a current LPN/LVN or RN License.
  2. Have completed ONE of the following pathways of education or practice:


  1. Hold a current LPN/LVN or RN license.
  2. Complete the WOCN Society’s WTA Program, or the WEB WOC Skin and Wound Care Associate (SWA®) course within the past five (5) years, under the direction of an approved WOCNCB nurse and hold a current WTA Program or SWA® Program certificate of completion.
  3. Accumulate 16 clinical hours under the direct supervision of an expert in wound care, for example: Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, or an RN or APRN certified in wounds through WOCNCB®. The expert MUST HAVE experience relevant to wound care. Click here to download the Verification Form for clinical hours.
  4. Submit all of the above within the Meazure Learning online exam application, at: WTA-C exam application


  1. Hold a current, active LVN/LPN or RN license
  2. Complete 24 CE/CME credits (contact hours) specific to wound care within the past 12 months meeting the WTA-C Detailed Content Outline previous to the date of application.
  3. Complete 160 hours of clinical preceptorship within the past 12 months. Acceptable preceptors to meet WTA-C® clinical requirements are:
  • Any RN holding an active wound care certification through the WOCNCB, i.e. CWCN® or CWCN-AP®.  An active WTA-C® is not an acceptable clinical preceptor.
  • MD, NP or PA holding an active certification through the American Board of Wound Management, i.e. CWS®, CWSP®.  An active CWCA® is not an acceptable clinical preceptor
  • The experts MUST HAVE experience relevant to wound care. (You will download a verification form from the online application that is signed by the expert.)  Click here to download the Verification Form for clinical hours. Multiple forms may be submitted to meet 160 hour requirement.
  1. Complete a clinical skills checklist with the preceptor to include:
  • Monofilament testing
  • Ankle Brachial Index (ABI)
  • Compression wrap
  • Negative pressure wound therapy

Click here for clinical skills checklist.

  1. Submit all of the above within the online Meazure Learning exam application, at: WTA-C exam application

Upon successful passing of the WOCNCB certification exam, the certified nurse will be able to use the WTA-C® credential.

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